Learn More About Our Facility With One Of Our Physicians

There are over 45,000 emergency physicians in the U.S., and at Texarkana Emergency Center, we have some of the most dedicated of these physicians.

Since it’s National Doctor’s Day, we’re going to hear from one of our our very own physicians, Dr. Young, on why he decided to pursue medicine and how our facility is different from others.


Learn More About Our Facility With One Of Our Physicians


Why did you decide to become a doctor?

It came naturally to me to want to follow in my father’s career path as he was a physician, too. I personally chose emergency medicine as my speciality because I always would try to assist in people’s emergencies. To me, I feel this is my life’s calling and my ministry in helping our family, friends, and others. It is an awesome feeling but also a great responsibility to give emergency care and compassion in a patient’s most vulnerable time of need. This is something that I take seriously and the colleagues that I work side by side day, night, weekdays, weekends, and holidays are passionate about.

What’s a typical day at Texarkana Emergency Center look like for you?

We are pretty busy and just like hospital-based ERs, we can be seeing a patient with a heart attack at 6 a.m., then a dehydrated pediatric patient at 8 a.m. We see trauma and medical emergencies just like hospital-based ERs but our specifically dedicated resources and staff allow for faster, more compassionate care. We can see the patients as soon as they arrive and take the wait out of their emergency care. Then when they are seen , they are seen by the best ER team around. We expedite the patient’s care and give them personal attention that is second to none!

What makes working at this facility so rewarding?

Working at Texarkana Emergency Center is so rewarding because our sole focus is on the emergent patient. The local physicians are also owners so we’re genuinely invested in the patients and giving back to the community. We take unnecessary wait out of the patient care process by making sure our primary goal is treating the patient, and not hospital bureaucracy. We are also a part of our community and to help those that my family and I also rely on for our needs is huge. We live, work, play, and pray in the community we serve!


Texarkana Emergency Center is equipped with CT scanner, Ultrasound, and X-Ray, in addition to our list of completely comprehensive lab services. Our ER trained physicians are dedicated to providing our patients with the no-wait emergency care they deserve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your health and satisfaction is our priority.

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