Patient Reviews

Texarkana Emergency Center is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 1060 reviews from around the Web.
This place is the best!!
They are a very nice group of people that treat you with the utmost respect from time you first come in until you're leaving out the door.
Friendly, knowledgeable, caring staff. They were quick to assess my problem and administer to my needs. I highly recommend them.
Fast, friendly and excellent care. I couldn't be more pleased with our visit.
No problem we all need a break. I had absolutely no interest in going to the er nor did I really want to wait until the walk in clinic at 5.
Very impressed! If i could rate it higher than 5 stars I would! Highly recommend this clinic to anyone!
Best doctor's and nurses ever!!! Thank you folks, thank you. Was pretty banged up, upset and in need of stitches .
Very friendly staff as well!
I commend Texarkana Emergency Center for there quick and efficient care of myself during a recent illness. Thank you TEC!
Very professional, kind, caring staff... I will always go to Texarkana Emergency Center...
So very kind and caring staff! Thank you all!
Professional courteous reception as soon as you enter. The nurses are great and the doctors are accurate!!!
I was highly impressed and greatly appreciative of the care I was provided and the professionalism by all the staff.
Texarkana ER had the most professional staff and physicians. My visit went smoothly and quickly.
My husband and I would like to thank Dr. Kelly and staff for the excellent care given to him.
I was well taken care of at Texarkana Emergency Center. Thank you Dr. Spence and everyone else at Texarkana Emergency Center!
Dr. Kelly and Nusre Sharon are amazing
I hate going to ERs, but i walked in and didnt even have time to sit down and finish my paper work and they already called me back i was there maybe 30 mins top then out the door i was able to go...They called me a couple of days after my visit to check on me and see how i was doing and i thought that was awesome...Instead of me having to thank them they sent me a card thanking me and i thought that was the sweetest thing...I would totally recommend this place...
The Dr and the entire staff are amazing they don’t just do blood work then send you home they go above and beyond to find out what is wrong with you. Thanks...
The best care I’ve ever had, went Friday evening was back seeing Dr. Groom before I had started filling out paperwork; everyone was so nice &...
I can't remember the nurses or the Drs name but it was 10-31-17 at around 830pm when I arrived and to say I was seen promptly is an understatement. I was...
My hubby Rodrigo Marin went there Thursday and he was treated very nicely and I would recommend going here.
I went to the emergency center twice in one week and I love it. The people that work there are friendly and make you feel comfortable. And that is really...
Thank y’all for helping me when I was feeling so terrible, y’all were fast and on-top of everything. Very friendly staff, and amazing environment!
Came in with a broke arm, Dr. Young and his team took excellent care of me. Thank you all for being so caring
Went to Texarkana ER for the first time, last week with my husband, who had a sudden, severe, late at night onset of strep throat. We couldn't have asked for...
Every good thing I have heard about this place is true. I had a cluster headache and went in. The staff was friendly, it was clean. There was no wait. I was...
I took my husband to Texarkana Emergency Center with chest pains. They were amazing. Within 5 minutes he was in a room having tests run to determine if it...
These people are on top of things here! I walked in with high blood pressure & chest pains. They took excellent care of me in the over 8 hours I was...
Monday I took my friend there because I got on FB and seen St. Michaels had at least 6 hour wait to be seen. They called her back and into a room before we...
After experiencing chest pain our local dr sent us here. I got in immediately did not even have time to do paperwork.The staff was great as was the service....
We took my husband, there for complaints of chest pain. The service was quick and the staff were amazing. He required transfer via EMS to a hosp and during...
I loved the great service and friendly staff here. They helped make my daughter feel at ease when she didn't feel well. I would highly recommend this place...
Excellent medical care! Caring staff, very professional, no wait.
Super nice staff! I couldn't be happier with the care we received! When your taking a child to the doctor you want fast and courteous service and that's just...
They're the Best! They treat you quickly & very professionally.
Great care from all of the staff! Hopefully I won't need them again but thankful that they are there if I do!
I dread an er visit. My shortest wait has been 3-4 hours. So I have to feel really bad to entertain going. I woke up with heart concerns and tried to make an...
I went on Sunday with jaw pain and a crooked mouth. (TMJ) very quick to see me.. The receptionist was extremely caring as well as the Doctor and nurses were...
My visit here was amazing. The staff is so sweet and nice.
I had to go to Texarkana Emergency Center at 2:30 a.m.. Everyone was very nice and treated me with respect. Dr. Bowman, Jr. was wonderful! The facility was...
My husband, Michael, went down to his knees and couldn't get back up for a few minutes Saturday afternoon. I was terrified and got him in the truck and took...
This is my now go to place when needed! The most compassionate and understanding crew of people I've ever seen. They treat you like a real person. Would...
I went to Texarkana Emergency Center and was seen right away. Very professional and nice Nurses and Doctors. I received great care and would recommend them...
Love this place!!! We were in & out in about 20 mins. I would highly recommend them!! This is the 3rd time we've used them. Very friendly staff from the...
Texarkana emergency center After midnight visit. We had to take our 10 y.o. last night because of some sudden severe right lower belly pain. So bad he...
Very nice and clean facility!! Dr. Spencer and staff were so accommodating and very friendly!! If ever in need of an emergency room this one I highly...
They are awesome I was there maybe 35 to 40 minutes and was raking care of and on my way home feeling 100% better. The nurses and doctors were very friendly...
We went to Texarkana Emergency Center on Saturday night around 8pm. We were in the room seeing the dr in less than 10 minutes. Everyone, from the sweet lady...
This past weekend, Saturday morning about 3:30am I went to the Texarkana Emergency Center by the Mall. I was in so much pain but was quickly takin in the...