The Health Benefits of Getting Outside

Explore the power of how being outdoors in nature improves health.

Memorial Day, also known as the unofficial start of summer for many, is approaching. The days are longer, the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. It’s the perfect time for families to get outside and enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors.

We understand that it can be challenging to get your family outdoors, away from the constant A/C, screens, and Wi-Fi in our homes. However, spending time in nature may be the key to adopting a healthier lifestyle. Being outside offers many physical and mental health benefits without a strict, timely commitment. Studies show that spending at least 120 minutes outdoors per week can significantly improve health and well-being.

Spending time outside in sunlight and fresh air is essential for improving both your physical and mental well-being.

The Health Benefits of Getting Outside

1. Reduce Stress

Instead of prescribing medications, some doctors suggest spending time in nature for those who suffer from stress and anxiety. Being in nature can evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation, encouraging people to take the time to notice their surroundings and engage in movement through activities like walking on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

2. Improve Mental Health and Mood

Spending time outdoors in the sunlight has been linked to reducing the risk of depression and anxiety while also boosting overall mood. Sunlight increases the body’s production of vitamin D, which, when levels are low, is linked to mental health disorders. Additionally, being in nature allows people to take a break from constant interaction with today’s technology, which can lead to overstimulation and increase the risk of mental disorders.

3. Intake Natural Vitamins

Being outdoors can help your body maintain its essential systems. People who spend time in nature may have a lower risk of heart disease and improved bone, blood cell, and immune system function due to the natural production of essential vitamins.

4. Experience Better Sleep

Exposure to natural light can help regulate your sleep and wake cycles. Getting daily sunlight can improve your sleep by making you more tired at night, reducing the time it takes to fall asleep, and enhancing the quality of rest.

5. Better Breathing

It may be surprising to learn that indoor air pollution and triggers typically have higher concentrations than outdoors. Spending more time outdoors in fresh air allows for better breathing and lowers the risk of respiratory concerns.

It’s easy to overlook the wonders of nature and the positive effects of spending time outdoors on our health. However, going outside doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. You can make it enjoyable by planning a day of outdoor family fun!

5 Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

  1. Have a picnic in the park
  2. Go on a bike ride
  3. Plan a scavenger hunt
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Feed the ducks at the local pond or river

The main takeaway is that taking some time out of your day to be outside can have great benefits for your overall health!

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