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All of Texas has shed its winter layers, and it is time to make good on some of our resolutions for this spring. If you’ve vowed to spend more time exercising this year, then you’ll want to consider what kind of equipment you need to make sure your home-gym has everything you need. Texarkana Emergency Center is here to help you find out how to achieve your exercise goals without the high prices of gym membership.

What do you want to do?

Exercise plans can be hard, but what always makes them easier to start and stick to, is if you’re doing exercises that you actually enjoy. Do you have like to listen to music and zone out while you run through the park? Maybe you love that deep bicep burn when you curl dumbbells? Or you could be someone who thrives with instructed work outs that teach new yoga flows and exciting Zumba choreography?

No matter what kind of work out you prefer, it is important to pick out an exercise that you enjoy. Exercise is always supposed to add joy, as well as health, to your life. So, if you’re new to working out, try experimenting with a few different activities. Get to know what your body can do and what you feel good doing.

What do you need?

Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t need an expensive gym membership to incorporate healthy exercise in your daily life. Gyms are great, and can provide lots of resources and equipment, but if your budget is tight, there are plenty of alternatives.

While every workout might require different equipment, one thing that most have in common is proper foot ware. Aside from swimming and yoga classes, the shoes you wear will be very important in protecting your joints, keeping good posture, and preventing injuries. With this in mind, Texarkana Emergency Center encourages everyone to invest in some good athletic shoes. Getting the right pair can be a bit pricey sometimes, but they are worth it for the safety.

After that, what you might need will differ depending on what kind of activity you want:

  • RUNNING: If you love to jog around the neighborhood on the weekends, then you might be looking for the perfect motivation to keep you going. Some people can run in silence, but others might want to invest in some good headphones to listen to their favorite jams or an interesting podcast while you run. Alternatively, if you’re not very enthusiastic about running, but you want to get into it, try downloading a phone game like Zombies, Run! These games are easy ways to make running feel like an adventure!
  • WEIGHTS: Maybe cardio isn’t your big goal of the year. Maybe you want to tone up your muscles and build strength. If you’re new to weight work, then getting a set of your own light hand weights can be the perfect ticket for long-term exercise plans. Head to an athletics store near you and test the hand weights by lifting them up and seeing which ones are easy to do a couple of reps with. Those can be your light weights! Then, look into a pair one increment heavier, but not ones which are a struggle for you to lift. Those can make good medium weights, for when you want to push yourself to the next level. Then, try finding some one more weight heavier, which prove to be a real challenge for you to do reps with. These can be your challenge weights—what you’ll be able to lift after you start meeting your exercise goals.
  • GROUP CLASSES: Sometimes these are the hardest to find outside of a gym or private instructors. Group classes require a qualified instructor to lead them. Things like yoga, pilates, and Zumba can be expensive to find classes for, so if you struggle to afford a membership at your local studio, consider finding online instructors. Organizations like Daily Burn offer online classes for a fraction of a studio price. Try looking at online reviews of YouTube instructors as well, to decide who might be the perfect instructor for you.

No matter how you work out, getting some extra activity in your life can be great for your lungs and heart. Texarkana Emergency Center is here to support all of your exercise endeavors, even when you’re on a budget!

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