Occupational Medicine


At Texarkana Emergency Center, we are dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive care experience for our patients. An essential component in achieving these goals is to provide treatment that meets a patient’s needs and integrates as smoothly as possible into their lives, including their occupational lives. Our team developed and implemented a cutting edge occupational medicine program to satisfy these growing needs in our community with on-site physicians and specialists available 24/7.


Our specialists and physicians are always looking for new and innovative ways to serve our community.

We recognized the vital connection between workplace environment and a patient’s health, and sought to provide a resource to meet our community’s growing needs. Occupational Medicine, or Occ-Med, is an area of medicine that focuses on a patient’s occupational health, taking into account workplace environment and regulations. We work with patients, ensuring that our recommendations are optimized to meet the needs of their professional lives.

Why Occupational
Medicine Is Such
an Instrumental Part
of Treatment

We understand that you and your loved ones depend on your livelihood, which means that your time is incredibly valuable.

Occupational medicine works to ensure that you’re back on your feet as quickly as possible, without compromising health or endangering recovery.

Occupational medicine benefits both the employer and employee by minimizing disruption in the patient’s routine and days missed from an injury. Occupational medicine provides insight to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers as to how to tailor treatment specifically for patients. Our program is also an effective tool in helping to decrease the number of OSHA reportable and recordable events by providing practical care and reasonable workplace accommodations.

Texarkana Emergency
Center’s Occupational
Medicine Program

We’re setting the standard for emergency care, and occupational medicine is no exception.

Our top tier occupational medicine program was built by the combined efforts of our ER physicians, specialists and leadership team. We collaborate with plants and other facilities to ensure that their work environments are safe and healthy for employees. When minutes count, you can depend on our specialists and on-site, board certified physicians to deliver the care you need 24/7.

Texarkana Emergency Center is proud to serve its community and provide an invaluable resource to our hard working men and women through our occ-med program.