National Doctor’s Day: Dr. Young


March 30th is National Doctor’s Day and Texarkana Emergency Center wants to shine the spotlight on one of our amazing physicians. Dr. Matt Young is Texarkana Emergency Center’s Medical Director and has been practicing emergency medicine in Texas for over 20 years. He is a board-certified physician in emergency medicine by the American College of Emergency Physicians, a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and a graduate of the University of Arkansas.

To learn more about Dr. Young and his experience, we were able to ask him some questions about why working at an emergency facility like Texarkana Emergency Center is so special.

Tell us about an average day in the life of an ER Doctor.

“An average day is anything but average, because we have the ability to treat different people with varying injuries or illnesses. We are always seeing new patients at Texarkana Emergency Center, so we never know what to expect.”

What is your favorite part of your day?

“My favorite part of the day is taking care of and helping the patients in their time of emergency. Like I said, we see patients from all walks of life here, and it is rewarding to see my patients go home happy and healthy.”

When did you know that you wanted to be a doctor?

em>“At a relatively young age, I found a wonderful example in my father. He was an exceptional role model for me. He inspired me to always strive to assist others. Doctors feel that same need to help others, and it is what brings so many of us to medicine. Emergency medicine, especially, since we see so many injuries or severely ill patients.”

How do you think your work at your facility is making the healthcare industry better?

“At Texarkana Emergency Center, we are able to treat patients rapidly with no wait and have very experienced caregivers. Our facility gives patients another option for emergency medicine that we feel is the best in the area. And just like any industry, having choices leads to innovation. I believe that freestanding facilities like ours is innovating the healthcare industry by bringing accessible emergent care to all patients.”

How has working in medicine changed your life?

“It is very humbling to work in the healthcare industry. It continuously teaches me to appreciate life and health, while also reassuring my faith in our fellow man!”


Texarkana Emergency Center is proud to have Dr. Young leading our medical team. This National Doctor’s Day we appreciate and honor all that he does at our facility.

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