Outpatient Pricing

We understand that life is busy, so we aim to make this part of your healthcare process as easy as possible for you and your family. Outpatient imaging can be a time-consuming process for most people. Our imaging services include CT scan, MRI, X-Ray and bedside Ultrasound services.

CT Price
Head w/o Contrast$325
Head w Contrast$400
Chest w/o Contrast$325
Chest w Contrast$400
ABD Pelvis w/o Contrast (Kidney Stone)$425
ABD w Contrast$500
Soft Tissue Neck$375
PE Chest$475
CT Angio$550
Plain Films Price
1-3 views single extremity or joint$95
CXR 2views$150
Ultrasound Price
Diagnostic Exam$250
Pelvis/Trans Vag$425
Unilateral Doppler$375
Bilateral Doppler$500
COVID-19 Testing Price
Cellex Antibody Blood Test$200
Rapid Nasal Swab-FIA Antigen$200
MRI Price
MRI any Body Part w/o Contrast$500
MRI w Contrast$600
MRA $750