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I personally visited Texarkana Emergency Center on Saturday and had an unbelievable “ER” visit. I was greeted with a smile by the receptionist as I walked in the front door and was called back to a room before my seat in the waiting area even had time to get warm. Dr. Bowman was very thorough with his exam and went the extra mile to talk me through my visit. I hope that I never have to visit again (because who wants to visit an ER), but if the time comes, I will be back!! And I will definitely recommend to all of my friends and family. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at this facility <3

- Asia Reynolds


Recently, I found myself feeling very bad and needing immediate medical care. I went to the Texarkana Emergency Center and could not be happier. I was given immediate care, I was able to stay in their observation room for 24 hour IV treatment, and was treated by the best doctors and nurses I could hope for. All the personal care I received by the doctors and nursing staff prevented me from having to enter the hospital, and enabled me to go on a planned vacation with confidence. Thank you to all who I came in contact with during my stay. I highly recommend this emergency center!

- Sally Edstrom


Nothing Short of a Blessed Place with Blessed, Caring folks...
I brought my husband to Christus ST Michael in Texarkana and was told there was a three hour wait. He was in so much pain from a kidney stone he was crying out in pain and dry heaving.. ( He has a very high pain tolerance)
I said your ER has a 3 hour wait? , so much for being an "emergency room". I was told all the beds were full. He asked me to take him to the one on Cowhorn Creek Rd, and within 3 minutes of walking in door, they had him in a bed giving an IV to get some pain meds in.
DR Matthew Young was amazing. All the staff were caring and did their best to treat my husband and get him out of pain. This what an ER is supposed to do... ALL ER's should be modeled after this one, with these caring Physicians.

- Cleo Mathis


We live way over in Douglassville. Called to see if there was any sort of waiting time and was told no. So ok, we're headed their way. Then thought, wait, what about insurance. So called them back and sure enough, they take my insurance. So we travel in. Sure enough, as soon as I plop down in a chair, my name is called to go back. Thank goodness as I'm in excruciating pain. I'm worried appendicitis. Turns out though to be kidney stone(s). But they got me hooked up to an I.V. with anti-nausea med and pain med and that was the first time all morning I felt human again! Shortly after that, the stone(s) passed. Only 2nd time in my life I have ever had those. Hope there is NOT a 3rd time. But TEC made it a whole lot better! They are very easy to get to as well. Thanks so much for all the TLC from the GREAT staff at TEC!

- L K R


There was a security guard in the parking lot that made us feel safe coming inside late at night. We were greeted at the door by a friendly receptionist. The nurse called us back before we had even completed our paperwork. The doctor promptly came in and saw my baby. He was very patient with him when he stitched up his eyebrow. We couldn't have been more pleased with our experience there. Top level care at a pace that keeps up with our busy life! I highly recommend them!

- Amanda Warren-Newton

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The staff at Texarkana Emergency Center were SO amazing! I went in for chest pains last night and had to stay over night for observation. I didn’t even have to wait in the waiting room, they took me straight back. After running some tests and moving me to a comfortable room they offered to order me food from wherever I liked. I asked for McAlisters and they took care of everything!! Really good people there.

I was having double falling asleep without my fan that I’m used to and they even brought in a fan for my room to help me sleep. And that was the cherry on top for me. I’ve never had such a comfortable hospital stay until last night.

Thank you guys for taking such great care of me!

- Miranda Kaye


I will from now on choose this place to go too! I ended up having to go here on Monday with some major pain in my belly, and they were very quick to get me in. I literally sat down in the waiting area, and had 3 things written on the papers and they were already calling me back! They were very thorough on things, the nurses were great & Dr. Matt Young was very excellent. They took great care of me, and even the next day one of the nurses called me to check on me & see how I was feeling! I am very blessed to have went to this place and got the care I needed. Thank y’all

- Carlie Perkins


I went In from sharp pains on my right side they were very friendly and helpful got me back and did a full work up all was good just a mass that was a concern but I'm good now we will go when needed my husband had to come in today and got the same great service I highly recommend them for sure wonderful service.they were quick and fast to get answers for us made us very comfortable when I was in pain they called checking on me the next day. They expressed their concerns and help me with the pain also a first time ever they set my husband with a ENT Dr for the dizziness he has suffered after his stroke in 2012. Thank y'all so much.

-Tanja McKnight