Urgent Care vs TEC

How Do Different Emergency Centers Compare?

If you need immediate medical treatment, don’t settle for anything less than the standard in emergency care services. Other health care providers, including urgent care clinics and hospitals, may not offer the same level of care, personal attention or efficiency of our facility. We encourage members of our community to research their options for emergency medical care. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of freestanding emergency facilities, like Texarkana Emergency Center.


TEC’s Service Offerings
vs Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent TEC
X-Rays ?
Oxygen, Asthma Nebulizers ?
Basic Onsite Lab Tests ?
IV Fluids, Medications ?
24hours/day, 7days/week
ER-Trained/Experienced Doctors
Overnight Observation
CT Scan
Cardiac Onsite Lab Tests
ACLS, ATLS, PALS Credentialing
Electricity Generator
Integrated with Disaster Mgmt
Licensed/Regulated by Texas Department of Health
Wait Times 15-30 min <5 min

BlueCross BlueShield
of Texas Guide
to Level of Care


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